Graphic Design

Corporate Identity (CI)

shows the uniqueness of a company, the symbolic character. The CI distinguishes a company from its competitors. Based on a complex concept it reaches into all parts of a company. Distinctive design is memorable and easily recognisable.
To create a positive corporate image, all advantages and central concerns of a company must be clearly expressed.
The company logo is the fingerprint of the CI.

Corporate Design

The appearance of the company consists of the uniform design of all possible areas.
This includes the website, the stationary, business cards, anything that appears in public.


In order to achieve special visual effects, graphic design is in this case applied in several layers.
Through a combination of different images into a harmonious whole the composite graphics obtain a special depth.


"A picture is worth a thousand words!" To faciliate the understanding of texts, illustrations and pictograms are used for presentations, books or manuals.