Product design

The success of designing products is one of the core tasks.

Taking into account the feasibility of a design in an industrial manufacturing process,
we guarantee by our long-standing cooperation with the Constin GmbH and its experience regarding the realization of the idea to the innovative product series.

We offer final results and not only between results- that means that we cover all areas from design with our range of services and with the cooperation with the Constin GmbH as completed developers.

/ services of the Constin GmbH:

-Design studies and design models
-Mechanical developement/ construction
-Proto types/ pattern series/ 3D-Printing
-Tool making

The advantages for our customers are optimal predictability and clarity in terms of timings, costs and results.

Due to the different customer industries is very diverse range of experience has grown over the years.
Cooperations, also international, in tool making and injection molding have a strong network
efficient and reliable specialists compacted.

The firm Constin is now at the center of a structure,
with which it is able to handle complex projects quickly and efficiently.

Sole Agency for the products GreenPack and kickTrike in Ireland and UK