Ausschnitt aus unserem Portfolio

Design, editing, publishing and marketing a magazine

Diverse examples for conception, graphics, layout, cover design, photography, editing, printing process, marketing- on the basis of a running project

[link references/internetseiten.html Examples for different requirements

- Redesign, integration of new software, high security requirements
- individual Design, programming and integration of a custom product with many parameters
- Design Implementation, template creation
- Implementing a website as a book ... Design, Illustration, Programming.

Examples for commercials and animations

- Conzept-creation
-Animation of accurately created 2D/3D-Elementen
- Animated text-inlays

Documentary - Woodstock 2005

Woodstock...450000 people came to the biggest Open-Air-Rockfestival in Europe

[link references/hunddoc.html Documentary project dogs
Commitment to a vet ... exclusively for animals penniless youth and young adults who live predominantly on the road ....


Design of novels, biographies, picture books, short stories ...
Here is an example of a novel with 378 pages (layout, illustration, production)

Action in support of an initiative against the closure of shops Children ('68) in Berlin

In collaboration with actors from the neighborhood a mini-CD was produced and mounted on a glass selected.
There were T-shirts on "Communication in the neighborhood" developed and placed in jars. This package has been adorned with printed aluminum-marks, on which the action was declared (and other information such as size .. were included). The achieved through the sale proceeds were donated.