In 2003 and 2007, we brought out a monthly magazine. There were several different editions for Berlin districts, which at over 300 selected sites (including medical practices, law firms, selected cafes and restaurants and bookstores) disbursements regularly. It was a free, funded exclusively through magazine ads. With a final run of 30,000 copies - that we reached about 50,000 readers. We put on a full editorial on clean, independent journalism, packaged in an attractive, modern layout and high quality printing paper. Our editors and photographers work with passion for their readers and adopted culture, current events and life over political boundaries zusammmen time. There were illuminated backgrounds, broken down problems, we reported on innovative companies and people moved into the center.
Through cooperation it was possible for us to fly in all cities and create trip reports with interesting and latest tips for our readers.

[b ..] Summary: [.. b] design, graphics, layout, cover design, photography, editing, print production, marketing,

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